What people are saying about "How the Peacock Got Its Feathers":

"Love, love, love, love!" - Ireka C. (Parent & Career Counselor,  Florida) 

"This book is an excellent illustration of the triumph of temperance over bullying. It should be read in every home and every school." - Genard T. (Teacher, Jamaica W.I) 

 "Wonderfully done! The multiple messages in this beautiful book are so timely - most would be hard-pressed not to have felt just as poor Joel did, at one point or another in our lives. How wonderful it would be if we could all take to heart the depth of this book. It is written and illustrated with such warmth and hope." - Teresa R. (Project Coordinator, Florida) 

 "Cute story for all ages about different aspects of humanity. Depending on how you view the [content], you're able to take away various lessons such as bullying, determination, etc." - Basil R. (USAF Veteran, Florida) 

"A simple, yet effective story that helps children talk about their feelings and understand real life strategies to deal with bullies. The illustrations and story are beautiful!" - ​Mary Ann G. (Voluntary Prekindergarten Regional Facilitator, Florida)

 "The story makes a good conversation piece for parents and their child/children." - ​Dorothy S. (Preschool Teacher, Florida)

"This was a fun story to read...didn't expect what happened at the end to happen. Really cute and colorful story!" - ​Iyanna C. (Elementary school student, Florida)

"If you are going to read something, read something that has meaning. This book has so many lessons and principles that adults and children could learn from. I absolutely loved reading this book and finding the hidden messages and deeper meanings [within]." - ​Ariana L. (Social Services, Florida)

"It's really good! It addresses bullying and a variety of issues. The message is good to have out there." - ​Paul (Facilities staff, Florida)