How the Peacock Got Its Feathers

Written by Clayton Francis & Cherylann Francis, Illustrated by Ryan Trautmann

 The forest animals grew exhausted of Courtney and Pratt's aggressive pranks. While hosting a party to make an apology to their animal neighbors, Courtney and Pratt couldn't help themselves so they decided to play one last trick on Joel, the quiet, all white peacock.

​"How the Peacock Got Its Feathers" demonstrates the positive results that can occur when one endures humiliation.  Additionally, Joel's experience can be used to explore a variety of topics to foster meaningful dialogue. 

The authors create an engaging look at what happens when we undervalue others and become instigators or bystanders of bullying.  Ryan Trautmann's charming illustrations heighten instances of humor in the story and will have readers of all ages smiling.