How the Peacock Got Its Feathers

By Clayton Francis 

& Cherylann Francis

Illustrated by Ryan Trautmann

Have you ever wondered why peacocks have beautiful feathers?

Now you can find out when you read how Joel, an all-white peacock, ended up with colorful feathers in "How the Peacock Got Its Feathers"!   

  • Children's book aimed at ages 4 through 12 (although older children & adults will enjoy as well)
  • Excellent for teachers and parents to include in lesson plans addressing themes such as perseverance, self-acceptance, forgiveness, and how to deal with bullying and bullies
  • Great addition to classrooms and home-school instruction
  • Charming illustrations

Joel is a bright, friendly, avid reader and explorer who believes bullying is all about insecurities.

Find out how he got his feathers! 

Preview Joel the peacock's triumph over tragedy!  

5-star rating from Readers Favorite!

"How the Peacock Got Its Feathers" is Story Monsters approved!